Saturday, July 19, 2014

Soul Searching

I wanted to write a bit on the soul. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the soul and what happens to our soul after we die. Different faiths have differing perspectives on this, but many of these various perspectives seem to jive with one another (to a degree).

Yesterday I was jogging and just as I felt I could not push further, I crossed a threshold and felt a rush! With that rush came greater clarity. As I had been thinking a lot about the existence of souls and contemplating a few differing views, that clarity came about while I thought on souls and soul mates.

What is a soul mate? I think that our souls recognize other souls with which they have had meaningful, significant contact with. I believe that soul mates have varying degrees, and that sometimes our best friends are soul mates. For example, I have a friend, Todd, with whom I have had a lasting and meaningful friendship for the past 24 years. As soon as I met him I KNEW him. I developed one hell of a crush on him, and, looking back, I see that the feelings were mutual. However I was convinced otherwise by someone I thought was well-meaning at the time. Anyway, long story short, he and I are still friends and whenever I see him again it is as if no time has passed. He is one individual with whom I believe I share a deeper, more "soul mate" kind of connection. Not romantic. I used to believe that soul mates were only romantic, and my point here is that I think I have seen more deeply into the idea of soul mates and now realize the levels which exist.

My brother, Roger, I think is one of my oldest friends (outside of this lifetime). I think my soul is older than his, but I have always had a closeness with my brother that I attribute now to us having known each other outside of this existence. I believe that when we meet people with whom we are immediately comfortable that these are soul connections. Our souls recognize a past relationship (friend, sibling, lover, parent... whatever) and the communication we find between ourselves is easier and more natural than what we might have found in another.

Recently I picked out a few random novels and of the three I chose, two wound up dealing with the concept of souls and soul transfer. I think that is odd and kind of cool. Nothing that I am writing here is from either of those books, but reading the books caused me to think about these ideas. I am in no way saying that my views are whole and inspired, but I think I am getting there. I have always been intuitive (though I can be stubborn and fail to listen to my own intuition) and perhaps my ideas on the soul and soul mates, while not thoroughly journaled here, are a bit along the intuitive.

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